You’re Engaged!

I am so excited for you both!

This is such a great time in your lives, a time when your Family’s gather to get to know each other and celebrate your engagement.

As you plan your future together, your wedding is the foundation for all that lies ahead for you both.

Create the wedding of your dreams from your heart and stay true to who you are as a couple.

From choosing your venue to tipping your officiant.

I can help you along this journey.

Venue | Theme | Colors | Date | Dress

My blogs below are full of everything you need to think about and a few things you probably haven’t.

If you have any questions or need some advice, I am always here to help, just go to my about me page and send me an email, I reply ASAP.

Okay now let’s get started!

Wedding Traditions and Etiquette

Secrets to Planning the Perfect Wedding

How to choose your wedding dress!

How To Plan Your Honeymoon

Wedding colors | Themes | Trends

Secrets to Wedding Up do’s & Wedding Hair Styles

Wedding Cake Photo Album

Wedding Table Centerpieces

How To Choose Your Wedding Favors

Did you know I have an online wedding decor shop? Check it out here

Ready or knot: How to not break your budget

Facebook Live & Videos

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